My work

  • Video
  • Title: Sapper
    Description: Video made as a creative for W&Cie Paris (Havas Group) for Country Brand Angola.
  • Video
  • Título: "Barbecue Vodaphone"
    Descripción: A Vodaphone commercial that i directed for Sra.Rushmore agency.
  • Video
  • Title: Merry Christmas
    Description: One of my favorite works that I really enjoyed. Made for Leo Burnett Madrid. I´m the creative and director of this video that was selected in more than 100 international short film festivals and won 11 prizes.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Turkish Bath)
    Description: Zagorka beer, from Heineken Company, approved this idea in which I´m Creative and Director.
  • Video
  • Title: CITROËN
    Description: A work I feel very proud of as Creative. It was a big success.
    Put your name in both videos and see what they say about you.
  • Video
  • Title: Caputto (Rodrigo and Mechi)
    Description: In this campaign for Uruguay I´m Creative and Director.
  • Video
  • Title: Caputto (Virginia and Walter)
  • Video
  • Title: Caputto (Julia and Lalo)
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Mother in law)
    Description: Your good moments can be even better with a beer. “For your moments of enjoyment”, the new concept for Zagorka.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Football)
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Puzzle)
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Wedding ring)
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Retro Reverse)
    Description: I´m Creative and Director in this commercial. Retro (from Heineken Company) is a beer from the 60´s that was relaunched in 2015 in Bulgaria.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Bellboy)
    Description: This other Retro Campaign is based on a remix of a very popular song from the 60s in Bulgaria. Old times and modern times living together.
  • Video
  • Title: Suicidas (Tobacco)
    Description: Strong ad for a “live or death” cause. I´m Creative and Director of this commercial.
  • Video
  • Title: MoviStar
    Description: Welcome to the old part of my reel.
    Year 2000, one of my favorite commercials that is aging quite well except for the size of the mobile phones. The marketing department changed and after a big production it never went on air.
  • Video
  • Title: Vía Digital (Chained part one)
    Description: 2002, year of this campaign that was really very popular.
  • Video
  • Title: Vía Digital (Chained part two)
  • Video
  • Title: ONCE (Numbers)
    Description: 2003, another good memory in my reel.
  • Video
  • Title: Sólido Jeans
    Description: Year 2000, the client wanted something really notorious.
  • Video
  • Title: Canal Gran Vía (blind lottery)
    Description: Another old commercial that is aging well I think.
  • Video
  • Title: McDONALD’S
    Description: Year 1996, the euro didn´t exist yet and a hamburger in McDonald´s just cost 100 pesetas.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Belly)
    Description: An ad for my director`s reel.
  • Video
  • Title: Scarecrow
    Description: My first Cannes finalist, I swore I would never remove this commercial from my reel.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Metal detector)
    Description: An ad for my director`s reel.
  • Video
  • Title: Zagorka (Indian)
    Description: An ad for my director`s reel.
  • Title: The spanish golf resort
  • Title: More intelligent than ever
  • Title: In case you don´t see it
  • Title: In case you don´t see it
  • Title: Sorry we´re late
  • Title: Almost the same but not quite
  • Title: Almost the same but not quite
  • Title: Slimming Green Tea. In The Tea House
  • Title: Hyper-realism at Guggenheim Bilbao museum.
  • Titule: A little piece of Spain in London
  • Title: Channels for kids.
  • Title: Numbers talk. You just have to listen
  • Title: Numbers talk. You just have to listen
  • Title: Kids should be drawing. Not making shoes
  • Title: Sundays of motorcycling
  • Title: Connect to the entire bullfighting season
  • Title: A friend of mine would like to know if you need to give personal information to suscribe to your porn gay channel, or if it´s OK whit a post office box.
  • Title: Please, keep on the grass.
  • Title: the PlayBoy channel.
  • Title: Porn gay Cinema.

About me

Creative and Director

Creative and Director.
John Doe

How important is experience in advertising? I think it's the second most important thing. The first is passion. It is the real fuel of creativity, without it the talent is not enough. The problem is how to keep that passion through the years, through the endless days and through so many changes… which can erode that passion. Of course, advertising gives you moments of enjoyment, the “brainstorming”, the magic moment when a good idea is born, a meeting in which you sell a big campaign… But I think, in this profession the hardest part is to keep the passion alive.

Professionally speaking after 25 years, what I´m most proud of is to have maintained my passion alive. Today I enjoy advertising as much as eating a crusty lamb chop when I’m hungry.

My Curriculum Vitae in 3 phases:

was born in Buenos Aires in 1969. High school graduation and Career in Communication Sciences completed in Geneva, Switzerland (1976-1986) and Montevideo, Uruguay (1986-1991).

Phase 1 (1990-2003) "The Agencies"

These were 14 very intensive years. Since 1990 I worked as a Creative, Associate Creative Director and Executive Creative Director in different agencies in both Uruguay and Spain, among which the most important include: Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson, and Ogilvy in Uruguay, as well as Tiempo BBDO, Tandem DDB, Vitruvio Leo Burnett and Ruiz Nicoli (Havas Group) in Spain. Among my most notable clients were: Johnson & Johnson, National Campaign against AIDS (Uruguay), Diario As, Renault, Tanqueray, Schweppes, BBVA, McDonald´s, MoviStar and ONCE.

I am particularly proud of the years I was working in Uruguay.
I knew the big agencies well and when I was 23 years old I was Executive Creative Director of a small agency that won the most awards in the country for two consecutive years.

During my time in Spain, my experience has excelled in working with big brands but “difficult” clients, and in some cases some apparently ordinary advertisers went on to win awards at national and international festivals for the first time.

During this period I won over 50 awards in TV, Graphics and Radio in multiple Advertising Festivals among which stand out El Sol, FIAP, Epica, Eurobest, New York Festivals, and Several finalists in Cannes and The One Show.

Phase 2 (2003-2010) "Filmmaker and Entrepreneur"

When you have little children and you never see them because of work, or simply after a bad day, I think every creative occasionally dreams of living “a plan B”. I took this choice seriously and in 2004 I left the world of advertising to follow a big dream: to direct a feature film. I didn´t care much about producing it without money, I had worked hard on the script and wanted to get it finished as best I could. But in 2004 HD was still inaccessible. I think the result was a curious movie although the photogram was of poor quality. Nonetheless the movie was selected in 15 festivals and won 7 awards (Best Screenplay in Málaga (Zonacine), Best Actor in Peñíscola, Best Film and Audience Award in Viña del Mar). But above all, I achieved the most important objective: the film got released. The good news is that the film received good reviews but the bad news is that I lost money.

But in 2005 I had the luck to take advantage of the Spanish real estate bubble, creating a company specialized in Golf Resorts called the Wissmuller Project. I become a successful entrepreneur and I paid my film credit. In those years, real estate was a gold mine but in 2008 I was right there where the bomb fell: both real estate and advertising collapsed. In 2010 the Wissmuller Project closed. The good days ended.

Phase 3 (2010-Present) "re-start"

In a Curriculum Vitae it´s convenient to write only good things, but to be honest I have to say that the interlude between 2009 -2010 was a disaster. I think my ads had aged well, but in such a big crisis my reel was over 5 years old and this was not convenient. I had to start over again from scratch.

But then two projects rescue me: the first was a 3-year stint with the French agency W&Cie (Havas Group) working on the country brand of Angola. And the second project, was to work as a filmmaker at Lee Films, undoubtedly one of the best production companies in Spain.

In 2014 while working as a filmmaker, I met Saatchi & Saatchi, and in 2015 I returned to become Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi in Sofia. I hope that this advertising Company has reserved its best moments for me.

During this time, mainly for budgetary reasons, almost none of my works have participated in Advertising Festivals. Only the short film "Merry Christmas" obtained more than 100 selections and 11 awards in the Circuit of Short Film Festivals.


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French (spoken and written)

Portuguese (spoken)


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